Iím Kevin Williams aka "Buick From Hell", and I am the sole provider and producer of the engraved  items sold on the Turbo Regal Custom Parts website. My son currently helps with the production of the shifter handles, my mother does my color painting, and my sister (our office help) does most of the actual shipping. Aside from that, every item listed below is manufactured and packaged by me alone. These items include:

Console overlays, door pullstrap screw covers, door trim strips, custom door handle insert plates, custom replacement rear side panels, speedometer overlays, custom and OEM replacement dash panel overlays, passenger side gauge panels and dress-up overlays, custom ashtray switchplates, custom wheelcaps, horn button overlays and replacements, seat hinge cover overlays, kick sill plate overlays, custom license plates and frames, scanmaster sunshades, coilpack cover plates, intercooler cover plates, radio delete plates, AC delete firewall plates, and OEM style replacement standard and GNX intercooler ID plates.

.Most items are made to order, and as you might imagine, producing a custom inventory such as this can be very time consuming. I am able to produce these items because my main business is engraving, which Iíve been doing for over 30 years now. At this time there is only myself and my brother in law who does everything listed below. Here is a partial list of our business Ďnormalí duties:

I also do Oldsmobile, TTA and GMC items occasionally, and many other local jobs too numerous to list.

So I would ask all of our customers to PLEASE take this into consideration when ordering from Turbo Regal Custom Parts ! Even with this workload, I try to have all orders, for our Buick customers, finished within 3 to 5 days, and USUALLY succeed. But sometimes due to larger than normal workloads, machine breakdowns, power outages and who knows what else, I canít always meet this schedule, and your patience  is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!