Extra material = extra strength

    The picture below shows how much thicker our new poly mounts are compared to the stock mounts.  The new side plates, which are being measured, are approx. .175 thick, and the stock side plates are only .145.  The main base plate on the new mounts measure .245 thick, and the stock base plate is only .145 thick.  We also measured a pair that was not OEM from a reputable auto parts supplier, and they were only .125 thick, which is almost 1/8" difference!  Another improvement we made was to add more material around the mounting bolt holes, where strength is critical.  Once you have them in your hands, you can tell immediately why we say they are virtually indestructable.

thicker_mount.gif (71656 bytes)


How are they welded together?

    We use a state-of-the-art high frequency mig welder with a special blend of gas, enabling us to get the strongest weld with the best possible penetration.  This is the same equipment that is used to weld hydraulic cylinders that are tested at over 5000 psi.  They are tacked together before welding in several different CNC machined fixtures to ensure a perfect fit every time.

    The easily visible welds are at the edges of the tubes that connect the tubes to the base plate.  There are also welds between the tubes that connect the top of the tubes to the center brace.  Additional welds that are harder to see are located between the tubes on the base plate, connecting the center brace to the base plate.  For additional strength, we also welded through the base plate into the tubes, as well as into the center brace, tying it all together.  These last welds mentioned can't be seen on the finished mount because we mill and grind the face until it is flat and smooth.  This gives us a super strong bond, similar in strength as if it was machined from solid steel.

More quality components

    The tubes are made to exacting tolerances from 1026 DOM tubing, ensuring a great fit.  The bushings are made of the best polyurethane material available that will resist gas, oil, and ozone conditions.  Through the center of the bushings is another tube that is CNC threaded, and sized to allow the perfect clearance.  This allows the mount to work correctly with no unwanted movement or flex, and it is also noise and maintenance free.

    This design ensures that there will not be any metal-to-metal contact that will negatively effect the knock sensor.  The design also positively retains the two halves so that there is absolutely no way that they could come apart, even if the poly were to fail by some almost impossible possibility..  Our design also prevents the bushings from moving or rotating, allowing them to last much longer.  We also use a top quality paint that will stand up to the heat, oils, grease, and gas, and give each mount 2 coats.  The hardware is plated for rust prevention and appearance, and locktight is used during assembly to resist vibrations.  Only the best processes, materials, and components are used, and they are assembled one at a time by hand to ensure that each mount is perfect.