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This  page is dedicated to our customers' cars.  If you have bought some of our products we would love to put your Turbo Regal on this page.  Just send us an exterior shot and also some pics of our custom parts on your car and we will post it here!

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This GN belongs to Kent Buckles and is a long time customer of ours.  He just finished his GN after 2 + years. Car was nice before, nicer now. Car taken apart and painted piece by piece. All glass, trim, door handles/locks, fenders, bumpers, hood, interior, weatherstip, t top area...well you get the picture. Stage 1 stroker professionally built (650 at flywheel at 22 lbs of boost). Put back together with new stainless steel t top plates and trim. Brand New weatherstrip, locks, handles, trim, bushings, stainless headers, exhaust downpipe, electric dump, etc....etc.... Tried getting the fit and finish as near to perfect as we could and boy was that a pain! A lot to be said about stripping car car to nothing for paint but sure makes hard getting back together, But.....Much better than GM did in the end.

xxxxxxxxxx_005.jpg (50784 bytes)xxxxxxxxxx_003.jpg (61347 bytes) xxxxxxxxxx_012.jpg (54432 bytes) xxxxxxxxxx_021.jpg (315937 bytes) xxxxxxxxxx_024.jpg (93797 bytes) xxxxxxxxxx_027.jpg (319685 bytes)

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Hi Mark,

I was wondering if you would be willing to post these pictures of my 1987 Buick Grand National.  I have owned the car for 11 years now and it has 114,000 original miles on the stock block and whether you consider it a moment of brilliance or stupidity, we decided to enter the car in the 2008 Big Bend Open Road Race, www.bborr.com, (110 MPH Class – I know we were pushing it with a high mileage motor and all, but it managed to survive the two 60 mile legs of the race and is still ticking!).  We were the only Buick that was in the race, the majority of the other cars were Corvettes, so it was fun to get some variety in there and turn some heads.  In order to the get car up to spec and handle the harsh driving conditions, we went with some bolt on parts (aluminum radiator, billet oil filter, etc.) from Turbo Regal Custom Parts to get the job done.  We managed to get 10th place in our division out of 30 cars and finished 49 out of 131 overall – which is not too bad for a couple of rookies, but honestly, I am glad that the car performed well and made it across the finish line!

Thanks Again,
Russell Johnson & Matt Walsh
Midland, Tx

johnson1.jpg (46032 bytes) johnson3.jpg (37270 bytes) johnson2.jpg (32851 bytes)

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Customer's car featured in GMHTP Magazine

Jim Lauer's awesome Turbo Regal is featured in the March 05 issue of GMHTP magazine.  Jim has some of our interior items in his car including our console overlay, dash overlays and radio delete plate.  Check it out.  This is one of the finest modified Turbo Regals ever made in our opinion.  The photos below show Jim's car which was also recently featured in Car Craft magazine as well.  

Here is a link to the complete article.
GM High Tech Performance Magazine

jimlauert.jpg (177194 bytes) jimlauerinterior.jpg (140483 bytes)

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bagwellcar.jpg (62459 bytes) bagwellcarmotor.jpg (50773 bytes)  This TR belongs to Joey & Melissa Bagwell.  They are using one of our Big Mouth Cold Air kits with a 4" MAF pipe!  The pipes are our powder coated aluminum. Click the pics to see full size.

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Custom console plate
Mark Giusti is the original owner with a little over 21,000 miles on the odometer.  He had a custom plate made up for his console so a Hurst Quarter Stick could be used.  To see a list of mods done to the car CLICK HERE!
 To Email Mark Giusti   MG8T7GN@aol.com

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Curt Williams motor compartment curt2.jpg (48922 bytes)
This 87 GN belongs to Curt Williams.  He just bought a bunch of items for under the hood and interior from us.  Hopefully he will send us some pics when he installs them!

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scottc.jpg (319274 bytes) drevilmotor.jpg (50127 bytes)

This 87 GN belongs to Scott Cornish.  
He has one of our earlier Big Mouth Cold Air Systems. He recently sent me this email.
 "I purchased your Big Mouth Cold Air kit recently and
am very happy with the results. I'll include a more
recent pic of my car if you want but it's easier to go
check my webpage (under construction).  Be sure to sign the guest book when you visit!

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Neil Werner 1986 Buick Regal Grand National - Mostly Stock 
12.61 @ 108.09mph @ 21psi

Custom console installed in Neil Werner's 86 GN

Neil's GN Scanmaster shade cover installed in Neil's GN

Neil Werner is the proud owner of this 86 GN.  He purchased one of our console kits and a Scanmaster shade cover.  Click on these pictures to see full size versions and be sure to check out Neil's website at turbov6neil

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Power 6 emblem custom made for this half Olds/ half Buick

regalfront.JPG (83701 bytes) regalside.JPG (93317 bytes)

Yeah, I put an olds nose on it because I prefer the wheel openings better,
The hood is a rare aluminium piece( no hood springs or shocks, weighs about
10 lbs) and the composite headlights were only available in 1988 as a euro
package(halogen bulbs w/availability of aftermarket bulbs, and the g-body
regal was done in 1987).  The car is a 1987 T-Type w/80,000 original miles
before the owner out-drove the brakes.  I had to replace the whole front end,
have the frame straightened, and splice in a new driver quarter panel.  Still
worth my $1500.00 wrecking yard investment.  
I just wanted to say thanks 
for your help with the custom emblem for my TR.I thought you might want 
to see some pictures of your handywork(and a couple pics of my TR).  

Adam Nonis 

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Chris Bazzano's Motor Compartment

Chris Bazzano's 87 Turbo Regal Limited

This pic shows the chrome MAF pipe we sell installed on Chris' 87 Turbo Regal Limited

The 87 Turbo Regal Limited above belongs to Chris Bazzano.  It was photographed at the 2001 Moroso Car Show.  I was very impressed with the condition of this car.  It has less than 35,000 miles on it and is flawless.  Chris is running one of our chrome MAF pipes.

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Mike Price - burnout pic

Mike's engine compartment.  He is running our Big Mouth Cold Air kit with his own MAF pipe.

This GN belongs to Mike Price.  He has run as low as a 10.92 at 1700 ft above sea level with one of our Big Mouth Cold Air Induction Systems installed!  
Click on the pictures to see his burnout and motor upclose.

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Scott Atkinson's 87 white T

Nice shot of our Big Mouth Cold Air Inductions System installed

I love this shot, did he win??

The beautiful white T above belongs to Scott Atkinson.  He is running one of our chrome Big Mouth Cold Air Induction Systems along with our chrome MAF pipe.

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Our Big Mouth Kit and MAF pipe installed on Rich's WE4

Nice WE4 Another motor shot of Rich's WE4

Hi Mark:

I'm writing to see if you'd like to post a pic of my car and my newly
installed big mouth cold air kit.  I'm very pleased with the kit, and it
sounds MEAN.  The fit and finish are top notch, and you really do support
your customers.  I had the pipes coated with Jet Hot Sparkle to match my
turbo shield.

The car is a 1987 WE4 with 20k miles on the odometer.  Rather than list all
my mods, I'll just say that it's "breathed on" just a little bit  ;)

Again, thanks a million.

Rich Cabelo
87 WE4
QwickWE4 on www.turbobuick.com
North Caldwell, NJ

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Hey this is John White! I was just checking up on your site... seeing what was new w/ it and I saw your customers' cars section. I was wondering if you would like to put mine in there? I have bought from your site a horn button, a shifter handle, and a custom made lable for my buttons in my ash tray. I'm very, very happy w/ all of these purchases. They add "flavor" to my car. My best et is 11.1 @ 125. I live in Houston, Texas.. and my email is johnwhite2@hotmail.com

John White's GN - Looks sweet!

John's shifter handle

John's custom horn button

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